Children’s Program

There are many benefits for children training in the martial arts. Two or three active 45 minute classes a week help to keep them healthy.

The children develop social skills by interacting with other children and as etiquette is very important the children are also taught how to act with the adult teachers and assistants.

Children are taught that to watch and listen is to be a good student. Most children will do better in school because their focus and attention improve.

Training in the martial arts helps children gain confidence by learning and demonstrating new skills. We give them a program to work on and give them a symbol (a stripe or belt) of having achieved part of the program and the child gains confidence in their ability. When children feel confident they will stand up for themselves and not become victims.

Everyone wants the best for their children. By involving your child in this martial arts program you are helping to teach them skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.