Goju Ryu

Goju Ryu karate has the distinction of being the first of the Okinawan karate styles to be officially named. The style was created by Chojun Miyagi and was formally registered as “Goju Ryu” with the Japanese government in 1933. The late Meitoku Yagi was the most senior student of Goju Ryu karate creator, Chojun Miyagi. After Miyagi’s death the Miyagi family chose Meitoku Yagi to carry on the traditions of the style. Yagi taught the system to his two sons. The oldest son, Meitatsu, carries on the technical finesses of the style and its philosophy. Meibukan means “House of the Pure Minded Warrior” and was the name Meitoku Yagi chose for his school.

We are honoured to be members of the Meibukan and to have the opportunity to learn from Sensei Meitatsu Yagi. The International Meibukan Gojyu ryu Karate Association website can be found at www.IMGKA.com.